10 Face Slimming Techniques Without Contouring

The beauty industry has seen a sort of revolution in the past decade. It has not been just the invention of new products or techniques but a change of mindset as well. People used to think of makeup and everything beauty related as something that was necessary to fix parts of themselves.

Face Slimming Techniques

The beauty industry has seen a sort of revolution in the past decade. It has not been just the invention of new products or techniques but a change of mindset as well. People used to think of makeup and everything beauty related as something that was necessary to fix parts of themselves. But as humans are becoming more progressive, we have grown to understand that we are all beautiful just the way we are. If we do not look a certain way then that is okay because society’s beauty standards are not what you should base your opinions on.

As we have embraced a more positive body image, no matter our skin color, type, or body shape, we have also grown more welcoming to new ideas. Many people do not like certain aspects or features of themselves. It is important that we accept ourselves the way we are and not try to fit a mold. But if there are some things you would like to tweak or change a bit, as long as it for the right reasons, there are many ways to do that. For instance, some people like to have a more slim face shape not because they feel fat or unappealing but because they just like it. Contouring would be the first step to achieve something like that but if you do not like contouring, we have a few other methods for you too.

    1. Play up your eyes

If you want to make your round face seem thinner, one of the best techniques is to play up your eyes. The bolder you do your eye makeup, the more attention would be drawn away from the rest of your face. Play with eyeshadows and create a dramatic look. Smokey eyes, smudged black eyeliner, glitter, and bright colors are just some of the things you can do.

    1. Make your wings fly

If you do not want too much eyeshadow on your lids, draw a winged eyeliner. For this, you do not require any eyeshadow if you do not want to use it. You can use a gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner to draw a dramatic high wing. Make your wing extend a bit higher than the natural extension of your eye. Make it extend up towards the end of your brow to have a more pulled-up effect. This would give you a temporary lift and make your face look leaner.

    1. Voluminous hair

Hair can have a big impact on how your face looks. If you keep your hair flat and straight, it would make your face shape rounder. In order to create a more lean and slim face shape, give your hair more volume. The more volume there is at the roots the slimmer your face would look. You can also get lowlights in your hair which means coloring the hair framing your face a darker shade that would create depth and shadows.

    1. Part

As explained above, how you style your hair can have significant changes in your appearance. Long and slightly curled hair would slim your face. You should always refrain from parting your hair in the middle. Choose to do a deep or slight side parting to make it frame your face in such a way that it gives the illusion of a thinner face.

    1. Massage it

Facial massage is known to increase the blood circulation in your face and relax the muscles. Massaging your face, especially the area around the jawline can help reduce toxins and puffiness. It would help increase lymphatic drainage that would help give you a slimmer face naturally. Massaging your face is also a great way to relax and relieve stress while making your features more prominent.

    1. Add color

Contouring is the most obvious and easiest way to achieve a thinner face shape, but not many like the technique. If you are one of those people and just cannot be bothered with contouring, you can try something similar but that does not require as much skill or product. Add blush to the top of your cheekbones and blend it towards the temples. Putting blush on the apple of your cheeks would highlight your round face. You could use a bit of bronzer too on the sides of your cheekbones to give a bit of color and sculpt it at the same time.

    1. Don’t neglect your brows

Eyebrows can make or break your entire look. Our faces are defined because of our brows and their shape, style or volume can make a huge difference in how you look. You can transform yourself completely by simply changing up your brows. For the illusion of a thinner face, keep your brows bushy and fill them in. Dark and thick eyebrows can make you look slimmer because it adds contour and drives the attention away from the rest of your face.

    1. Use lighter shades

In contouring, you take a cool toned shade that is two shades darker than your skin color and create shadows to define your features. For a slimmer face, take a concealer and apply it in certain areas to make your features stand out. Try using a concealer that is two shades lighter than your foundation and apply it to the middle of the face like right under the eyes, bridge of the nose, chin, and center of the forehead.

    1. Learn strobing

Strobing is a technique that is the opposite of what contouring is. It consists of using a highlighter to make the highest points of your face or parts that catch the light the most, glow. Take a highlighter in a shade that compliments your skin tone, and apply it to the inner corners of eyes, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, the brow bone, and a bit on the chin. This would make sure the light catches on the center of your face and the sides of your face will naturally be in the shadows.

    1. Be careful with bangs

Before you go to a salon to get bangs or pick up a pair of scissors to do it yourself, stop and think. Long layers or wispy bangs that layer and frame your face softly can have an appealing effect as they would help make your face look slim. Getting choppy or short bangs can do the opposite and make your face appear wider or rounder.

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