10 of the Best Cream Blushes You Should Get

People with dry skin often complain about not finding the right products that are hydrating or makes their skin glow. That might be because they are using the wrong products. For people with dry skin, it is essential they do not purchase items that are drying.

10 of the Best Cream Blushes You Should Get

People with dry skin often complain about not finding the right products that are hydrating or makes their skin glow. That might be because they are using the wrong products. For people with dry skin, it is essential they do not purchase items that are drying. Powder blushes are one example of such products that can dry out your skin even more. Blush is supposed to give you a healthy bit of color and glow, which you can achieve through cream blushes. They glide on smoothly and provide the bit of hydration needed for your dry skin.

The Best of the Bunch

Before going to the store and buying the first cream blush you like, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Cream blushes work well on dry or aging skin. If your skin is oily you should stay away from cream products at all costs. You should also buy the product best suited for your skin tone. For light to medium skin tones, pinks and peaches are the best bet. While dark-skinned people should get darker colors like deep oranges or reds. Build upon the color slowly and blend it well to get a healthy glow and flush. Following are some of the best cream blushes in the market as of right now:

  • 1. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge
  • This product has been raved about by almost everyone in the beauty industry. It comes in 8 different shades, so it has something for people with different skin tones. It has dual purposes as it can be used on lips as well as on cheeks. The formula is perfect for blending and it stays for a long time.

  • 2. Tarte Cheek Stain
  • The gluten-free and vegan-friendly cream blush is one of Tarte’s best-sellers for a reason. It is extremely easy to apply, just dab a bit on the cheek and blend. The formula makes it easy to blend and allows for a soft yet pigmented amount of color that looks natural. It sits on the skin without making it look cakey. Since it is so easy to apply and does not even require any brushes, beginners can start with this product to work their way up.

  • 3. NARS The Multiple
  • This one may be a bit on the expensive side but every penny you spend on it is worth it. Enriched with vitamin E and acai oil that provides antioxidant benefits, the sheer and creamy blush blends very well into the skin. The color is not too intense so you can like your skin has a natural flush to it. It also gives you a luminous glow. This stick can be applied not only to cheeks but lips and eyes as well to create a well-balanced look.

  • 4. Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
  • For people looking for a bit more than just a natural flush, Benefit’s Majorette Booster Blush is perfect. It comes in pretty packaging, has a strong color pay off and the coral shade suits most skin tones. It has a great creamy texture that blends into your skin well. It also has a lovely scent so you can smell and look good.

  • 5. NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blush
  • NYX’s Rouge Cream Blush is one of the most affordable and best cream blushes in the market. Its quality is truly outstanding with high pigmentation and intense color payoff. The cream blush is so nicely pigmented that you only need one swipe of a brush or finger. It is available in 12 shades which means people with all kinds of skin tones can find something for them. It applies nicely, blends very well and stays for a long time.

  • 6. Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush
  • This affordable blush gives you a natural finish with its somewhat sheer color pigmentation. The color is only slightly sheer but enough so you can build upon it based on how intense you prefer your blush. It has a great creamy texture that goes on your skin smoothly and blends nicely. It’s lightweight, fragrance-free, and easy to apply. Available in four perfect shades, it has something for every skin tone.

  • 7. Make Up For Ever HD Blush Second Skin Cream Blush
  • This cream blush has it all, from smooth creamy texture to 16 shade range. It is lightweight in texture and glides on the skin very well with great blending qualities. It would truly feel like second skin and it applies easily which allows for you to build up the color as much as you want. It has so sheen or glitter which is perfect for those who want a minimal flush of color. It is also one of the rare cream blushes that fit all skin types including oily. It also lasts for quite a long time.

  • 8. Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush
  • From the packaging to the color payoff, everything about this blush is heavenly. Available in 6 shades for every skin tone, the Too Faced blush has a very creamy buttery texture which applies smoothly to your skin. It has a lot of pigmentation which means you only have to dab a bit and it would be enough. You can build upon it as much as you want as the texture is lightweight so it doesn’t get cakey. It’s gluten-free and smells like peaches, how incredible is that?

  • 9. M.A.C Cream Color Base
  • Being one of the best-reviewed products, M.A.C’s cream blush is one that deserves every bit of your extra penny. With a smooth creamy texture, it blends well into your skin looking natural and beautiful. The blush has nice pigmentation with a sheer dewy finish so it makes you glow. It is also water-resistant and dermatologically tested with no fragrance whatsoever. It does not dry out and provides a healthy bit of color to your skin. It can be applied to the cheeks, lips, and eyes as well which makes it very versatile.

  • 10. Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick
  • The Clinique cream stick blush might be a bit pricey but it does offer a lot for its worth. It has strong color pay off with a sheer finish so you can build upon the color as you like and it would look natural. It is water-resistant and does not transfer at all no matter what. Made from gentle ingredients, its lightweight formula blends well into the skin and makes it perfect for sensitive skin. With a large shade range and long-lasting qualities, it is truly one of the best.

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