Best Tips to Up Your Eye-Makeup Game


When we want to take our makeup to a more glamorous level, we add a bit of eye makeup. Eye makeup can be light and natural which highlights your eyes. Or it can be intense and glamorous for when you want your eyes to be the primary focus of your whole look. Eye makeup can be very fun because you can play with different colors, textures, and techniques to really highlight one of the best features of your face.

However, many people do not know how to achieve a professional level when it comes to eye makeup skills. It can be a bit complicated and tough to recreate an intricate look. Many people even count eye makeup as the most challenging part of a makeup routine and tend to avoid doing too much because they just don’t know how to. We have a few tricks from some of the best experts and professional makeup artists in the world to help you create the best looks regularly.

  • Many people think it is a makeup law to not have bold lips and heavy eye makeup at the same time. But sometimes, doing both works and can look amazing. The only rule you should follow then is to pick colors and shades from the same family.
  • When you apply a colorful eyeshadow to your eyelids, use a brush that is slightly wet. It would make it more pigmented and intense. Then use a dry and fluffy brush on the edges to soften and blend it.
  • Sometimes, applying thick coats of mascara is not enough to bring out your eyes. Use a dark colored pencil like black to underline only the upper waterlines to make your lashes thicker and your eye makeup more pronounced.
  • After you are done applying mascara, quickly use a clean finger to push your lashes up while the product is still wet so your lashes can curl up a little bit.
  • Make highlighter your new best friend. Swipe some on the inner corners, brow bone, and top of the cheekbones to brighten up your eyes. You can even do this without any eyeshadow and it would look natural and perfect.
  • If you want a more natural look and do not want to look done up while still being able to use eyeshadow, use the same shade on your whole face. If you dust similar color on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids then it looks natural and pretty.
  • Bags underneath eyes can bring down your whole carefully-crafted look if not taken care of. If you put ice in a cloth and cover the bags under your eyes with it for a few minutes then pat it with fingertips, it can break down the puffiness, and you would not even need concealer.
  • If you have a smaller eye shape, then remember to not apply thick eyeliner. It can bring down your eyes even more. The thinner your line is, the more your eyes would look bigger.
  • For people with darker skin tones, try to choose liners and shadows with a little sparkle to them. Shimmery shadow looks better than matte on darker complexions.
  • Brush your eyebrows with brown mascara twice to make them look fuller. Doing your eyebrows can change your whole look.
  • If you want your eyes to look wider, use eyeliner on only the outer edge of your lids right till the center and smudge it out. Apply a thick coat of mascara to finish the look.
  • When applying mascara, wiggle the brush at the root of your lashes to make them look fuller and plump.
  • Applying concealer can be tricky. Most people put it right on top of the bags underneath the eyes which just makes them stand out even more. What you should do instead, is to apply it on the crease that is below the bags.

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