Eye Brushes

Eye makeup is getting more and more complex nowadays with people experimenting with different color palettes and textured products. Beauty experts and professionals can carve out eye makeup looks that seem good enough to be in an art museum. The use of many colors, techniques, tools and pure creativity induced in every look is truly outstanding.

However, such makeup looks require not only the right set of skills but the proper set of tools as well. Since eye makeup has gotten so much more intricate than just applying one basic color to your lids, it is only right that it needs multiple kinds of brushes to create those looks. It doesn’t matter if you are not doing a complicated eye makeup, because even the most natural ones require different brushes.

For instance, if you are doing a look that consists of only two or three eyeshadows, you still need many brushes because they are not just used for your eyelids, your eyebrows and lashes need some tools too. For a basic look, you need a blending brush, a precision brush, an eyeliner brush, an eyebrow angled brush, one to brush your eyebrows, a crease blending brush, and a smudging brush.

It may sound complicated and it might even be, but once you learn all the different techniques according to each brush, you would be doing your makeup like a professional in no time. After all, perfection does take time and effort. And if you do your eye makeup well, the rest of your face would automatically look more polished.

To achieve a beautiful eye makeup look, you would need to put a bit of effort in and invest in a brush set that would make your makeup application easier. For more precision and a professional touch to your makeup, you could get one of the bigger sets or settle for something a little more economical that has the essential five brushes you would need for an everyday look.