Sponges and Applicators

If you think that the one aspect of makeup that is not complicated is the use of sponges or applicators then you couldn’t be more wrong. Sponges are little pieces of magic that have the ability to make your makeup application better and easier. Sponges are usually used to apply foundation because they allow for a smooth and blended application in a matter of minutes.

They can also be used to apply other creamy products like concealer and contour. Sponges are easy to manage, easy to clean and help blend the product into your skin to make you look flawless. Applying products with a sponge is much better than applying it with your fingers or brushes.

Makeup experts suggest using a sponge or blender to apply your makeup rather than brushes because they use up a lot of product and do not pack it in on your face correctly. Sponges help blend your makeup into your skin perfectly whereas brushes can leave streaks and do not blend the foundation well.

You should never use fingers for makeup application no matter what. If you use your fingers to apply any product you should stop now. Even if you properly clean your hands before applying makeup, there is still no guarantee that they are clean enough. You could end up depositing germs and bacteria on your face from your nails and that can have harmful effects. The use of fingers is also not advised because they create a pulling sensation which can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear.

Sponges come in many different shapes and sizes so you can apply your product in all the corners and edges with precision. Sponges are also easier to clean which means your skin is well taken care of. Sponges can also be used to “bake” your makeup which means putting a thick layer of powder on top of your concealer then brushing it off to create an airbrushed look without any creasing or fine lines. Sponges also last a long time as long as you keep them with care and clean them regularly.