Makeup has been around for centuries and women have been using different resources to paint their faces to bring a bit of life to it. Contouring or highlighting are new trends but putting on blush has been around since the beginning. Women would apply color to their cheeks to bring some color to it and look more youthful and healthy.

In old days, it used to be a sign of luxury for a woman to apply makeup since it would make her look healthy and well put together which no poor woman would ever look like. So makeup has always been a rich person’s game but nowadays makeup has gotten so widespread and universal that it does not matter what social status you have, you can afford to have good makeup.

When it comes to makeup, blush is one of the things that can transform your face entirely. Applying blush can make you look youthful, healthy, and dewy. You can apply blush with foundation and lipstick only to achieve a natural yet beautiful look which would not even take that long to put on. Blush is used to make sure how your bone structure is highlighted. That is why you have to be careful and analyze your face shape as well as the bone structure before you apply blush.

There are different techniques that you should use according to what your face shape is. These techniques could highlight the natural shape of your face and make it look more appealing. For example, if you have a round face then apply blush only on the apple of your cheeks, if you have a heart shaped face then apply it on your cheekbones and if you have a square shaped face then apply it on the apple of your cheeks and blend it upwards toward your cheekbones and temple.

Blush is a versatile product which means you can use it not just to apply to your cheeks but your lids as eyeshadow and on your lips as lipstick which can make your face look natural and put together since it would be in similar shades. Blush can come in different colors too that fit varying skin complexions and you should check whether it suits you before buying it. You can get blush in various forms like powder, gel, stain, and cream.