In the past, makeup used to be about creating a new look and making yourself look completely different than you are naturally. For such purposes, people would use foundations that were too light, blush too bright and eye color all wrong. It may have been pretty but it did not look natural. It would hide their natural features and make them look like what they weren’t.

Ever since then, there have been many different eras of makeup but they were all about looking different and not like yourself at all. But it seems like the makeup industry has had a revolution and now it is about looking beautiful but by highlighting your natural beauty instead of carving out a new face that is unnatural. Bronzer is a part of that revolution.

If you are a beginner when it comes to makeup then bronzer might be a confusing subject for you. Many people get confused between bronzer and contour or bronzer and blush, often mixing up the products. A bronzer is used to give your skin a sun-kissed glow and warmth that looks natural. But many people end up looking ashy or muddy after using a bronzer because they use the wrong shades or do not know how to put it on.

A bronzer is supposed to be warmer in tone then contour which should have cool undertones. Contour creates shadows on your face but a bronzer should be applied to areas where the sun hits naturally like the cheeks, temples, jawline, and bridge of the nose. It is meant to bring out the warm undertones in your skin to make you look healthy and glowing. They are meant to warm up your face and add dimension, not unlike blush. But the two products are vastly different. Blush is meant to be visible and bronzer should be a lot more subtle.

You are supposed to warm up the perimeters of your face using a bronzer, not add color through it. People with fair skin can use it on their temples, cheeks, and nose to add warmth. While people with dark skin tones can skip contour and use bronzer to lightly create dimensions and add highlight to sculpt. Bronzers are available in powder, liquid and cream forms with some even containing a bit of shimmer to really make you glow.