Debunking 8 Popular Beauty Myths


If you are a girl, you must have gotten used to hearing unsolicited beauty advice from relatives, friends, or even strangers by now. Many people feel like it is their god given duty in life to impart some beauty wisdom on people even if nobody asked for it. And most of the time, these beauty tips are myths that are just not true.

In the world of beauty, tips and tricks spread like a virus and many women forward their information without even bothering to check if it’s true or not. We have heard many tips throughout our life about our skin, hair or nails that we were bound to believe just because it sounded right. But most of these beauty myths are borne out of no logical explanations at all. In order to help you, we are going to debunk some common and widely-believed beauty myths so you can take care of yourself better.

  • Shaving Hair

    Many girls who shave the unwanted hair off their bodies have heard multiple times the so-called risks and dangers of doing so. Many people say that shaving your hair will make it grow back thicker. But that is false as your hair only grows stubbly which feels thicker. The short stubby hair makes it feel like your hair grew back thicker.

  • Thick Mascara

    Many girls pump the mascara wand in the tube before application because they think it picks up more product and will apply thicker. That is not true. If you pump your mascara wand, the air gets inside the tube along with bacteria which can cause your product to dry up. This means your lashes would look dry and unappealing. The correct method is to swirl the wand around inside the tube for a better application.

  • Eyebrow Color

    In recent years, we have witnessed many eyebrow trends that were either really nice or not that good. One of those trends is to dye your eyebrow hair. But many people are wary and skeptical of this trend because they believe in the myth that eyebrows should be the same color as your hair color. Eyebrows can actually be two or three shades lighter and darker than the hair on your head. The darker the shade is, the edgier they would look.

  • Oil on Oily Skin

    If you have oily skin, then you might have heard many tips and tricks regarding what to apply on your face to combat the grease. Most people must have told you to stay away from oils especially. But this common myth is false. If you remove the natural oil on your skin using a cleansing product, your skin would release more oil. If you put oil on your skin to hydrate and moisturize, it would make your skin produce less oil.

  • Heat Protectant

    There are girls who use hot tools like curling or straightening irons believe that if you use the tools rarely then you do not need to put a heat protectant on before. That could not be farther from the truth. Whether you use a hot tool once a month or not, heat protectant is essential for your hair to remain healthy and beautiful.

  • Yellow Nails

    Everyone knows that if you apply nail polish regularly and for a long time then your nails begin to get a yellow tint. But most believe that there is no solution to that particular problem. If you use a base coat before applying your nail color and then apply a top coat with UVA protection to protect your nails from getting harmed by the sun, then your nails will remain healthy. Baking soda is also a nice secret weapon to keep your nails looking nice.

  • Makeup Everyday

    Many women believe that wearing makeup constantly would cause damage to their skin which is not true. Makeup causes harm only if you don’t remove it before going to sleep. Therefore, I will suggest you to always remove your makeup in the night.

  • Cutting Hair

    Many mothers cut their daughter’s hair because they believe that cutting hair regularly makes it grow faster. Your hair is actually tissue that is dead so whether you cut it or not, your hair follicles do not care. If you want your hair to grow faster than you should take care of it rather than cutting it all off.

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