Makeup is something that would feel incomplete if you leave your eyes bare. You can put on foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, and lipstick but if you leave your eyes just as is then it could make your makeup look like it is missing something. Eyes are the most prominent part of one’s face and your best feature which is why you should always highlight them to bring out their brightness.

Lashes frame the eyes because they are meant to protect them. If you do your makeup and coat your lashes with some mascara then it can alleviate your whole look. Mascara is quite close to magic when it comes to makeup. It can make your eyes look bigger, more awake and bright, and make your eye makeup look a thousand times better automatically.

It might be surprising to know but many people use mascara incorrectly. Most girls just lightly coat their eyelashes with a bit of mascara and call it a day. But that is the wrong way to apply it. You are supposed to apply a generous amount of it by coating your lashes thickly. Wiggle the brush from root to tips and you can prevent a clumpy look that may not look appealing. You can achieve a feathery and plump look by similarly applying two coats of mascara. Applying mascara can not only make your eyes look bigger but also awake.
Mascara is probably one of the most commonly used makeup products in the world. Many women even forego foundation and just apply mascara with a bit of lipstick for the most natural makeup look. Mascara comes in many different types. It can have many purposes like curling, thickening or lengthening your lashes. They can come with different kinds of wands too that are made to help you make your lashes look better. Nowadays, you can even get mascara in different colors like brown, blue, pink, purple etc.

Mascara is meant to uplift your eyes and a makeup look without one looks awful. Eyes should be the most prominent feature on your face every time you do your makeup. They should not be overshadowed by other makeup products you put on. Whether you want a natural look or a more vivid look with more eyeshadow, you can still use mascara to make your eyes the best-looking feature on your face. It all depends on how you use it and which kind you get.