BB and CC Cream

BB and CC creams are similar products yet with only a few key differences. People who go to work or school and have to apply makeup every day often find foundation cumbersome. They need something that they can apply easily and quickly as well as something that is lightweight. For such individuals, BB and CC creams are the best alternatives. They can even out your skin tone or hide blemishes like any foundation but they have more skincare benefits. BB Creams act as light foundations with lesser coverage as well. They are also easier to apply and do not require as much upkeep.

BB creams are also better alternatives for people who cannot find their shade in a foundation range. BB creams are also available for every skin type which is another way it is better than foundation. Since it is infused with ingredients that are meant to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful it can also help with issues such as dry or oily skin while giving you decent coverage at the same time.

CC creams are more for color correcting purposes than coverage which means that you can use them to fix skin issues like redness or to cover blemishes. For people that think concealers are too much and do not have the patience for the maintenance they require, CC creams can work for you perfectly. They let you conceal any spots or redness on your face without making it look like you have a lot of makeup on your face. You can just apply CC cream in small amounts to the problematic areas on your face and go on with your day without having to cake your whole face full of makeup.

The one similarity that both BB and CC creams have is also their best quality. They contain SPF which is also why they are used more commonly by women for every day makeup looks. They protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and also keep it healthy. Using a sunscreen or a product infused with SPF is not just an option anymore but a necessity. Sun rays can be very harmful on your skin especially if you are exposed to them for a long time.

Whether you like to use foundation or not, BB and CC creams are good products to have especially for those days when you do not feel like doing too much and want to put in the least amount effort in your makeup routine. You can put them on quickly and easily along with some lipstick and start your day. The most you would have to do is use your compact to touch it up and absorb some of the oils on your face.