Color Correct

Just like concealers, color correct used to be a professional makeup artist’s secret magic stick. But now because of makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, people have become known to what color correctors are. Every person now knows the quite technical trick of making your face look that much more perfect. Color correctors are another way to making your skin look faultless and hide any imperfections.

Color correctors are makeup products that follow color theory to help hide flaws on your face like dark spots, discoloration, redness, dullness etc. Sometimes using just a foundation or concealer is not enough to hide the stubborn dark circles currently taking residence on your face. That is why color corrector should become your new best friend.

If you use foundation and concealer, yet your problem areas are still very much visible then it is time for you to invest in color correctors. Color collectors use the primary method of using contrasting colors to hide your spots perfectly. You should buy color corrector only in the colors you need for example if you wish to hide the redness on your face then you should buy a green color corrector which would cancel it out.

It also depends on your skin complexion for example if you have fair skin and bluish spots then you should get a pale pink color corrector. Similarly, for medium skin tones it is advised that they buy a peach color corrector to cancel out any purple or blue shadows, for dark skin tones you should get an orangey pink color corrector to go over any dark spots and for olive or tan skin with purple or dark shadows you should get a yellow color corrector.

Best Color correct come in many colors but the basic colors are purple, orange, yellow, and green. But you have to be careful to buy shades like lavender, dull yellow, peach, and light green especially if you are using it for the first time. Because you are supposed to apply it thickly, it is better to start off with lighter shades and then work up to darker ones if your skin needs it. It is crucial that you learn how to use them properly otherwise it would not work. You can learn through the many tutorials as well as articles available online.