In recent years, there have been many makeup trends taking the world by a storm. But one of the most popular ones is contouring. People have taken to contouring like flies to sweets. Contouring is a makeup technique that lets you strategically create shadows on your face to sculpt it however you want. People who wish to have a sharp jawline and sculpted cheekbones can create it with just makeup.

You may think contouring is a new makeup trend invented by stars like the Kardashians. But that is not true because even though it was not so hugely popular, contouring has been around for years. In makeup, the technique is used to redefine features and sculpt angles on your face to create the shape you desire which has caught the eye of everyone who wants to reshape their face without the help of botox.

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The trick is to use a color that is two shades darker than your skin tone and cool toned. You then use it to apply where you want to create shadows to highlight your features. The more you apply, the sharper your features would look. The best thing to do is to start light and then build your way up according to how you prefer the look to come out like.

Contour products come in different forms like powder, cream, or stick. You can use it lightly to create natural shadows on your face or draw harsh lines to blend in and create a more intense contoured look. It all depends on how angular you want your face to look. Many people can even use it to thin out their features if they like.

Contouring is like natural and temporary botox without any side effects. Whether you are doing it to make your face look thinner or to redefine your features, contouring can help a lot. It is not about looking sculpted per se, but about having shadows on your face to not make it look like one plain surface. Contouring helps create a natural 3D effect that makes you look that much better. But you have to remember to keep a light touch or you can go overboard and it would look awful.

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