Lip Gloss

For years, the women of the world were used to lipsticks in solid forms. It was the natural order of things until some cosmetic geniuses thought of a liquid form of lipsticks. That is when the lip gloss was invented. The idea was to create something new and more comfortable to apply. And it seems as if people wanted something more shiny and glossy.

The liquid formula available in little convenient tubes really took the world by a storm when it was created. Every girl was obsessed with having thick coats of shiny lip gloss on their lips. For people who did not like the bolder colors, they chose to apply the clear gloss that is still well-liked by people. The sticky formula meant your lips would look shiny throughout the day and attract attention.

The recent years saw more reforms to the lip gloss and liquid lipsticks were invented. They may look the same but the two kinds of lipsticks are very different from each other. While lip gloss is meant to be shiny and sticky, liquid lipsticks are matte and dry that last for a longer time. Lip glosses may not last long but they do make your lips appealing.

You can find lip glosses not just in many types like metallic and matte but also colors. Lip gloss is typically made to be glossy and shiny to make your lips look plump and full. It is also mostly temporary so you can wear it for a few hours comfortably after which it comes off pretty quickly. It may not be very long-lasting but sometimes that is precisely what we want.

Lip gloss has the ability to always look good on everyone no matter their skin color, type, etc. It is also very versatile which means you can apply a little bit of gloss on any lipstick and bring some shine to your lips. If you find your matte lipstick to be too dry, then apply a clear lip gloss or one in the same shade to make it glossy without sacrificing the color. Lip gloss can be shiny or metallic so you would find it enjoyable to play with the various textures.

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