Lip Liner

After you put on your makeup and it is time to do your lipstick, you try to keep your hands steady and apply it in the most perfect way. Having a whole face of good makeup that took time to put on and then messing up your lipstick application can feel a lot like heartbreak. It is essential for any makeup look to put on lipstick that looks like it was drawn on by the greatest artist of all time otherwise your whole look can be brought down.

For the most perfect application of lipstick, you may buy expensive lipsticks, lip glosses or even lip brushes but nothing beats lip liner. Lip liners are a nifty little tool that helps create the perfect shape and make sure your lipstick application is on point. They help you create the perfect outline to fill in with lipstick.

If you are daring enough to apply lipstick without a lip liner then you must have faced the horrifying problem of having your lipstick bleed outside the edges after a few hours. Applying a lip liner before your lipstick helps in keeping the lipstick inside the edges and not smudge at all which means your lipstick can remain flawless throughout the day.

Lip liners can also help you create a different shape from your natural one or highlight the one you already have. If you use a neutral shade of lip liner or a similar shade to the lipstick you will wear, you can use it to slightly draw outside the edges of your natural lip line. It will make your cupid’s bow more defined and make your lips look fuller.

Lip liners come in just as many colors as lipsticks to match whatever shade you have on. They can be versatile since you can apply them all over your lips without needing a lipstick on top. If you apply it all over your lips before a lip gloss, it can make your lip color last all day. Lip liners come in pencils or retractable tubes which are perfect for a fine and smooth application.