Lip Plumper

This last decade has seen many makeup trends that took over our social media, but no trend was or is as big as the one about having plump lips. Once beauty mogul Kylie Jenner got lip injections, every girl in the world wanted lips like hers. Plump and unnatural looking lips became the new craze. Stars like Angelina Jolie are also the reason as to why people have always wanted to have full lips.

Every beauty influencer on Instagram and YouTube has started trying out the new look by getting lip injections. Lip injections are the permanent way to get plump lips but it is not the best choice. Firstly, lip injections hurt a lot and secondly, they can have adverse effects. And sometimes, the results are too extreme to be appealing.

But because of the rise in popularity, cosmetic brands thought to capitalize on the trend and came out with lip plumping products. They are a much better option as compared to getting lip fillers. They are not nearly as expensive the injection, do not hurt at all and are definitely not permanent. You can apply such products on your lips to get fuller lips for some time. You can even use them a few hours before applying lipstick so your lips remain plump for a long time.

Since they do not last permanently, you’ll be back to your natural lips in a couple of hours without any hassle. Lip plumping products are also healthier since they do not have any lasting effects. Plumping your lips can help transform your whole face and make your lipstick stand out more. Your lips will be more highlighted and attract much attention.

Lip plumping products either have hyaluronic acid or collagen that react with the moisture around your lips and plump up your lips by increasing the blood circulation in them. This means your lips will not get plump but also healthier since they are constantly being stimulated. Other products use reflective materials that reflect light and give the illusion of fuller lips.