Lip Stain

Many girls who do not wear a lot of makeup regularly find lipsticks to be very high maintenance. Liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, matte lipsticks they all seem like too much work and many women do not want the hassle of putting them on. Sometimes you just cannot be bothered to go to the ladies room and fix your lipstick every hour.
Lipsticks may be easy to put on but when you are in a rush it can be a difficult task. And they also require quite a lot of upkeep. If you do not put on a whole face of makeup, then lip stains are perfect for you. They do the job of bringing color to your lips while not requiring as much upkeep.

Lip stains are self-explanatory and do not require much in the way of explanation. Lip stains were created for people who do not like to have an elaborate makeup routine or do not like lipsticks. If you want a just a dab of color to your lips then lip stains are the best choice. They are made to look effortless while also lasting for the whole day.

Many cosmetic brands have introduced their lip stains that are quite amazing and do the job well. Most lip stains are also multi-purpose. You can use them as cheek stains, or to stain your eyelids as well. Applying the same shade of color to both your lips and cheeks can tie the whole look together. Lip stains are also easier to apply. You can use your fingers, the wand it comes with, or a cotton swab.

You can find lip stains in many shades and colors that, once applied, would look natural on your lips. Lip stains can look very pretty as they tend to give off a doll-like pouty look. Just dab a bit of stain on the center of your lips, blend it towards the edges and your lips would look naturally pink and perfectly pouty without any complicated lipstick tricks.