In the olden days, women would stain their lips using natural resources like crushed fruits or plants. What that proves is that women have been prone to putting color on their lips since the beginning. You can keep your face bare and without any makeup but if you do not have any color to your lips it would not make you look so great.

Applying color to your lips can make you look young, healthy and pretty. It doesn’t have to be a bold color but something light could look good too. Lipsticks are perhaps the oldest form of makeup that is still in use today and will not go away ever. It is not even about makeup, as some lipsticks have moisturizing benefits and keep your lips soft.

Lipstick is pretty much the most common makeup product that is used by women everywhere in the world. Every girl uses lipstick whether they like makeup or not. It has become a standard and rarely do women go without wearing it. Sometimes just putting on lipstick with moisturizer can be all the makeup you need to apply. Lipsticks are also universal which means other than color or texture preferences, there is not much difference in them worldwide.

Some women do not like putting on makeup but do enjoy putting on a bit of lipstick as it brings color to and can completely transform your face. It is quite impossible to find a woman that does not use lipstick because even if they use lip balms without color they are still a form of lipstick. Lipsticks can be like moisturizers, less for cosmetic reasons and more for protecting your lips.

It is surprising how much lipsticks can transform your face. Without it, you can look sallow and dull because it provides a bit of color to your face. Red lipstick is a global favorite because it looks good on everyone, no matter your skin type or complexion. Lipsticks now come in many different types like the standard bullet, liquid, matte, glossy, shiny etc. Nowadays, the trend of putting on unusual shades of lipstick is the norm like purple, blue, black etc. Lipstick is essential after you put on makeup otherwise it can look wrong and incomplete.