Liquid Lipstick

Since lipsticks have been around for so long now, it only makes sense for there to be new inventions and creations every day. Lipsticks have had many redesigns and reforms. The first kind of lipstick was just some stain in a pot that you would apply with your finger. Then came the bullet forms that we still use today. Then lip gloss was invented and now the latest to join the lineup are liquid lipsticks.

The lipsticks we have always used have been in solid form. However, this decade has been devoted to lipstick trends some of which have been really unique and amazing. Influencers like Kylie Jenner have redefined lipsticks and made new inventions that would take your lips Liquid lipsticks next level. Liquid lipsticks are the latest trend that has swept the beauty industry worldwide.

Liquid lipsticks are as they sound, having a liquid formula that is a bit sticky. You may think they are similar to lip glosses but that is not true. Liquid lipsticks are not glossy but matte in its application. They come in tubes like lip gloss with a wand to apply but after putting it on, it dries up and turns matte. A matte lipstick is better than gloss because it stays on longer and does not smudge.

Liquid lipsticks are also a great new creation because they come in so many different colors. You can find any shade or color you want because various brands have a vast range of liquid lipsticks. When they were introduced at first, liquid lipsticks were matte but now you can also find glossy and metallic ones as well. They are made to last long and stay perfect throughout the day without melting away or dulling.

The liquid texture allows you to apply it smoothly. Matte liquid lipsticks are the most popular but there are metallic and glossy colors available that you can buy. The best part about liquid lipsticks is that they do not require much upkeep throughout the day and no matter how much you talk or eat, it stays put. There are various colors available from nudes to blacks and blues.