Privacy Policy


e-GlitterGloss will receive your personal information while you access & use the website. The policy mentions where your data is held, for what purpose it is held, and for which purpose this collected information is going to be used.

When you access and use the website, it constitutes your acceptance to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy is applicable to the information that is collected by the website. Any information that you submit by any means, that doesn’t fall under the Privacy Policy of e-GlitterGloss.

Modification of Policies

Privacy Policy can be subject to any modifications at any given time irrespective of any notifications. Whenever any modification, amend or an alteration takes place, the respective date of effect will be listed at the bottom of the document. We’d recommend you go through the Privacy Policy every once a fortnight or a month. So that you may keep the track of latest recorded modified updates.

Cookies and Web Beacons

e-GlitterGloss website does make a use of the cookies. Cookie concept is easy to fathom, these are the text files stored on your device, whenever you visit certain pages & thus that records the actions.

e-GlitterGloss’ aim with cookies is to track the web, online services and monitor traffic of the website. It can also be considered to use in order to make a website more relevant for the user’s use. If you don’t want your browser to accept cookies, the settings can be configured through your browser’s settings. But it may result in various features’ not functioning as they were engineered to.

e-GlitterGloss does make a use of beacons, for the purpose of advertisement provisions for goods & services which users may like. Though these, third parties won’t be exposed to customers’ personal & private information. But they may anonymously track a user’s internet usage over other websites within their networks.

Personal Information Accumulation from Children

e-GlitterGloss doesn’t collection any means of information from those who are under 13. Neither the site targets or directs to them. This site is not for those who are under 13, nor may they send any information to us.

Use of Information

e-GlitterGloss is interested in collecting your information whenever you visit the website. The information is used for the purposes to make the website’s user-experience worthwhile and user-friendly. Gaining of this information can lead to making certain features, operations, and functionalities available to you. However, we have strict policies over not sharing your personal data with anyone.

Information You Make Public

The information that is shared in public areas of the site, be it a comment, forum, display or provided in any area which is accessible by other users, will be public. Therefore, we recommend you to not share any information on the public section.

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