Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense Eye Liner w/Smudger .01oz/.28g

The lack of intense and richly pigmented eyeliner pencils is why many people have moved on to the much more complex liquid eyeliners. However, Clinique is back at it again with their high-quality products to prove that pencil eyeliners can also be highly pigmented in color. This beautiful dark pencil eyeliner has the smoothest application because of its slightly soft pencil. The pencil is not too hard that it tugs at your skin and neither is it too soft that it would not have a precise application. You can create the most beautiful eye looks including a sharp cat-eye or a dark smokey eye.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense Eye Liner wSmudger

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One of the best features of this pencil is that it does not need to be sharpened as it can be twisted up when the end gets too close. There is also a smudging tool at its other end so that you can smudge and smoke out the eyeliner into a dark glamorous eyeliner look. It has a very precise application which lasts for a very long time without smudging or transferring anywhere on your skin. You can wear it for the whole day without any worries of it running off or smudging all over your eyes.


I have always been quite sensitive to eye makeup and products due to my allergies. But this pencil eyeliner from Clinique has saved my life. It does not irritate my eyes and applies like a dream. I also use it not just as an eyeliner, but to line my waterline and create a dark smokey eye when I’m going out. It has a beautiful dark pigmented color that I love, and it does not wear off quickly. I also noticed that it does not transfer to my eyelids or smudge a lot after wearing it for too long.