MAC Lip Gloss Lipglass Oyster Girl

MAC’s lip glosses have always pleased many beauty lovers in the community due to their appealing colors, high-quality finish and skincare benefits. The Lipglass Oyster Girl lip gloss is one of the most sold-out, positively reviewed, and sought-after MAC lip glosses. Lip gloss had gotten pushed to the sidelines after matte lipsticks took the spotlight but thankfully, they have made a strong and impactful comeback. Many women prefer to wear a lip gloss instead of a matte lipstick. Lip glosses have the moisturizing and hydrating quality that make them superior to the drying matte liquid lipsticks.

MAC Lip Gloss Lipglass Oyster Girl

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This Lip Gloss has Jojoba Oil so your lips can stay supple and soft no matter how many times you apply it. The color is pretty enough to wear on its own, but you can top off another lipstick or lip color with this lip gloss to give it a bit more oomph. The lip gloss has a very reflective sheen so your lips can look plump and very attractive. You can use this lip gloss over a lip liner as well to achieve a natural yet dewy lip look. The sponge applicator lets you apply a flawless coat in one time.


I’ve always been a lip gloss girl no matter how much hype matte lipsticks get. Lip gloss is always great to wear anywhere and anytime because they do not require too much precision and upkeep. This one stays for a long time, provides a very pretty shine to the lips especially under lights and it kept my lips looking soft and petal like without drying them out.