MAC Liquidlast Liner Point Black

Liquid eyeliners are a sensitive topic for people in the beauty community. It is either someone’s holy grail or the worst product invented for some. A liquid liner takes a lot of precision and practice to apply smoothly and perfectly. Since it is wet and liquid it can go anywhere if your hands shake. You have to be extra careful since most eyeliners do not come off easily if they get smudged. That is the case with this eyeliner too.

MAC Liquidlast Liner Point Black

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MAC Liquidlast Liner Point Black is one of the most heavy-duty waterproof and long-lasting eyeliners from the brand. This precise and liquid liner goes on smoothly and intensely in one stroke. You can create the most creative and complex eyeliner looks with it including a sharp cat-eye. The liner lasts a very long time without smudging or fading. It also has a greatly pigmented color that would let you achieve amazing eyeliner looks with any makeup looks you try. You can apply this and go the whole day without needing to touch up again. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to put it on like a professional since the eyeliner works best for any intense or glamorous looks.

Liquidlast Liner Point’s Review

After buying this eyeliner on a whim one day, it took me a long time practicing to be able to apply it perfectly. But now I cannot go without even one day because it is so amazing and convenient. It lasts practically the whole day and even then it takes a strong makeup remover to remove any traces of it completely. I love the amount of precision it provides and the way it lasts through water and sweat.