Finish Concealer

This pot concealer from MAC is great for providing slightly opaque coverage on your skin. The creamy and lightweight concealer is made to cover all the imperfections on your skin. It is amazing at covering moles, tattoos, scars, birthmarks, blemishes, discoloration, etc. One of its great qualities is that it gives you a high amount of coverage without being too intense or cakey on the skin. It goes on the skin smoothly and just a little bit of it is enough to cover any blemishes or scars on your entire face.

MAC Studio Concealer

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It has other amazing qualities as well such as being water-resistant, free of any fragrance and is non-acnegenic too. It is enriched with antioxidants, so it not only looks out for you on the surface but from within as well. The emollient-based concealer also contains Silica which is best known to absorb any oils from your skin. With SPF 35, it will keep your skin protected from any of the harmful rays of the sun. You can apply it in many ways including using a sponge, brush or your fingertips. Always make sure that your hands are properly cleaned before you apply makeup with fingers.


This concealer is best for people who have fine lines, dark circles, discoloration, scars, acne marks, blemishes, birthmarks or any other imperfections that are tough to cover. The best part of using it is that it is lightweight so I can take a bit and use it to cover everything. It also helped me cover tattoos that I regret getting in the first place. All in all, a great concealer I cannot do without.