scholar horrified when Grindr date turns up to their dorm nothing that is looking their profile pic

scholar horrified when Grindr date turns up to their dorm nothing that is looking their profile pic

Where do you turn as soon as the sweet guy you’ve been communicating with on Grindr turns up at your door and appears nothing can beat their profile pic? That’s what one man that is young Reddit desires to understand.

The guy, a college that is 18-year-old, describes:

We meet this guy that is 26-year-old features a blurry pic of him but he appears good. He speaks if you ask me and he’s a gentleman. Super respectful and all sorts of. We text. He’s very nice. Actually appropriate, therefore we consent to satisfy. One thing about any of it man felt kinda strange though. I ask him over to my dorm since my roommates had been gone.

A few hours later on, the key finally appears. The 2 meet within the parking great deal for the young man’s dorm.

We walk towards him. He views me personally and begins walking towards me personally, but he appears strange. For him to walk into the light so I stop walking and I wait. He had been, in reality, the person that is same truly the only picture he previously. But he wasn’t 26 years of age. His locks seemed healthy right in front, however in the trunk you can so it belonged to a vintage guy. The man ended up being high and had been at the very least 35-years-old. He can also be in the forties.

The young man says he started to feel uncomfortable at this point.

We ask the man just exactly exactly how old he could be. He responded he’s 26, and then he appears super strange. We simply tell him he does not look like he’s 26 and he repeats he could be. I ask him that he’s 26, since I feel uncomfortable if he can show me his ID to prove me. I am told by him it is extremely hard. The man had been good but nevertheless strange, and so I simply tell him that we feel uncomfortable and therefore we don’t wanna proceed through in what we consented.

The key left without event and, searching right right back, the child claims he seems in a very awkward and potentially dangerous situation like he put himself. He concludes by reminding his fellow Reddit users that “it’s ok to reject Grindr hookups in person. In the event that individual is certainly not what they stated these were, or it does not feel right, you are able to reject them.”

The post has gotten over 220 reactions in under and people seem to have a lot of opinions about the matter week.

“In these kinds of circumstances we usually feel obligated or compelled to ‘be good’ however in truth you have got no responsibility to complete any such thing for almost any complete complete stranger,” one individual reacts. “It is actually fine to say no.”

“Stay sexy and don’t get murdered,” another adds.

“This is precisely what folks maybe not making use of current images are counting on,” a writes that are third. “They’re relying upon some one being too polite/non-confrontational to reject them for their face.”

Some are definitely furious as to what took place into the man that is young.

“I never understood people who send fake pictures,” one commenter laments. “I suggest, why waste your time and effort and anyone’s else time?”

“No one is obligated simply because they exchanged photographs and decided to fulfill,” another claims. “It’s maybe maybe not really a agreement! Don’t be manipulated! It never ever results in anything good!”

“He ended up being the douche for lying,” a third individual adds.

Others state they’ve had similar experiences.

“OMG i’ve a comparable experience,” one man states. “As quickly when I got there we didn’t wanna do so anymore. I’d a time that is awful it absolutely was my fault for devoid of a strategy B.”

Another writes, it once“ I did. Only a BJ, but after that we thought about this and discovered that one other man ended up being a complete jackass for doing exactly what he did. It’s not shallow to be upset whenever someone is intentionally utilizing pictures that misrepresent themselves.”

“I’ve had this happen many times,” a guy that is third. “once I had been very early 20s, I’d made a romantic date with some guy I’d met on the web. He’d stated he had been 23 and sent pictures however when I resulted in he had been nothing beats them. Effortlessly 45 if not more.”

Then there’s this response that is thoughtful

A situation was had by me in which the other man We came across for the hookup simply wasn’t that into me, for not enough an improved expression.

It kinda hurt my ego a bit, perhaps perhaps maybe not gonna lie, but We respected their boundaries and told him to own a night that is good.

No real matter what however, we have all the ability to finish a predicament whenever they have the need to get rid of it. I’ve done it prior to, and had it done for me before, and every person that is reasonable to respect that.

Just how do it is handled by you once you not wish to continue with a well planned hookup? Share your strategies and experiences into the reviews below…