Tips to Follow for Healthy and Amazing Nails

Healthy and Amazing Nails

If you were to ask, every woman would tell you that their nails are very dear to them. Any girl knows how essential nails are and it is extremely important to care for them properly. Even though we love our nails, most of us do not know the proper techniques or tricks to care for them. It is not enough to simply file them once a month or putting on a coat of nail color.

Since nails are so delicate, they are also prone to getting more damaged. You have to treat them with affection and give them the attention they need to remain healthy and looking great. We have compiled a list for you that contains tips on how to have the most wonderful nails ever if you follow them religiously.

  1. Cleanliness: By cleaning your nails we don’t just mean washing your hands with soap. You have to make sure your cuticles are free of any dirt or dead skin cells. Take some soap and an old clean toothbrush you are not using to gently brush your nails and the skin around them.
  2. Gentle: We already mentioned above that nails are delicate and can get damaged easily. The key is to be gentle with your hands and nails. Do not buy chemicals or scrubs that are too harsh for your skin. Use gentle movements when using any tools or products as well.
  3. Trims: Trimming your nails regularly is essential. Just as it is for your hair, it is important for your nails to get a trim every few days. Regular trimmings will keep your nails growing healthy.
  4. Length: Most women think longer nails look prettier. It depends on your preferences what length and nail shape you keep but make sure your nails are not suffering for it. If your nails are long but not healthy then they would not look as appealing.
  5. File: If your daily routine requires some hard work that could be weary on your nails, then make sure you carry a nail file with you at all times. If there is any roughness that needs to be filed, file it in one direction so it is smoother and does not break easily.
  6. Cuticles: Cuticle is what the thin layer of skin on the edges of the surface of your nails is called. Cuticles have one objective only; to protect the bed of your nails from getting infected or stop bacteria from getting in contact. If you remove the cuticles, your nails will be left without that measure of protection. If it annoys you too much, push them back with a wooden stick after soaking your nails in warm water then apply a thick lotion generously.
  7. Tools: Nail tools collect a lot of dirt, grime, and dead skin cells over a period of time in use. That is why it is essential to clean and disinfect them. Disinfect your nail tools with some soap and water and throw the temporary ones away regularly. This would make sure your nails do not get infected.
  8. Base Coat: Just because you’re doing a manicure at home does not mean your nails don’t deserve the special treatment. Every time you paint your nails, use a base coat first. It keeps your nails from getting tinted and makes your nail color look better.
  9. Top Coat: Applying a top coat on top of your nail polish is just as essential as a base coat. A top coat will give your nails a much glossier finish and protect it from chipping.
  10. Break: Wearing a manicure regularly can look amazing but is harmful for the health of your nails. Make sure to take a break in between applications of nail colors to let your nails breathe and recover. Otherwise your nails could get stained and even weaken over time.

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