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For an inexpensive string trimmer with an assortment of features, have a look at the Troy-Bilt TB22 EC Curved Shaft String Trimmer. The product is usable with various attachments, and its engine is powerful enough to handle all types of grass and weeds. The design of the handle also cuts down on vibrations and user fatigue.

gas grass trimmer reviews

As such, it would probably last you nearly forever as a home unit. The S-start technology incorporated into the engine helps ensure quick and easy starts, every time. The next most important factor is the string size and type. All of these tools use a nylon-string or line, but not all of those lines are the same.

Toro 51978 Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

At only 5 pounds the GreenWorks is super light and easy to use. But it’s a DC corded unit, which means there are some restrictions on its usage. The GreenWorks cuts a wide 13” swath with a duel line auto feed.

  • What is more, you have the freedom to set the handle in the position you want.
  • Thus, the models having a quick start system doesn’t even stress you out.
  • It uses a 56V Lithium-ion battery which provides the long-lasting power with performance.
  • Also known as weed whip or weed trimmer, these unique garden tools will give you a chance to maintain a fresh-looking yard.
  • The bottom line is that the FSE 60 is a great option for the environmentally conscious consumer with a small to medium sized lawn.
  • Most inexpensive weed whackers come with a two-year warranty, but several on our list are backed by the manufacturer for longer periods.
  • That said, one essential tool that every homeowner needs to maintain a sizeable lawn is a gas-powered weed wacker.
  • This product is light enough for most users, and its curved shaft makes it compact.

So if you have these already then you can go for the trimmer alone. It is light and you can adjust the telescopic shaft to your height. The 128LD is actually an upgraded 128 trimmer I have mentioned in the Husqvarna trimmer reviews for the Occasional Use category. Some of the gas Husqvarna Trimmers come with some pretty nice features if you’re willing to pay for it. Because they are slightly heavier, it’s not unusual to find ones that have shoulder straps that would help you when using it. Since 2013 we have had input from personal finance experts and content written as part of our unbiased reviews to help people make money online and tips on saving money.

Best Gas Weed Eater: The Top 5 Reviews & Buyers Guide 2018

The trimmer is powered by 400 Max Watts Out brushless motor. This means it will have all the power needed to handle the dense foliage. If you already have a string trimmer but want the functionality of a 3-in-1 tool, the Black + Decker MTD100 is a good option. This is just the base that your weed eater clips into in order to convert it into a lawn mower. Do you want a powerful yet quiet tool for trimming down tough weeds and brush? A walk-behind weed eater is a less strenuous alternative to a regular gas-powered string trimmer.

Because it is a gas trimmer, you will be happy to know that it doesn’t make that much sound, well at least not as much as other gas trimmers. An auto return stop switch is also included in the husqvarna string trimmers. When you turn off your husky weed eater to take a break, the stop switch will automatically return to the start position. Your husqvarna gas grass trimmer reviews grass trimmer will be ready to go anytime you need to keep your lawn free of undesirable weeds and grass. For a powerful and easy-to-use gas string trimmer, it’s tough to beat the Poulan Pro PR28SD Straight Shaft String Trimmer. This product has all kinds of cutting power, and its long shaft makes it an excellent option for taller users.

Other heads are available, as with the Husqvarna unit above, giving you a complete tool system, with one power pack. They are durable, serviceable, can get into tight spaces and are made from high quality components. The perfect choice if you have tons of trimming to do and want a unit that will last a long time. Something to think about -if you have any physical challenges it may be difficult to start a gas string trimmer. This product is powered by a reliable Sure Fire 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. Thanks to a spring assisted start system and 17″ maximum cutting width it is easy to use, as well as efficient and cost-effective.

The big question with gas weed eaters is whether you have to mix gas and oil. Your user’s guide will tell you the proportions you need to use. Do not use the gas weed eater in a location with impediments. Always remove rocks, large debris, sticks, etc. from the area first.

A straight shaft will allow for a much greater reach, allowing you to trim underneath the edge of your deck or farther away from the body. Straight shafts also make it much easier to cut a flat surface. Many straight shaft models have alternative heads or different attachments.

With battery, it weighs around the same as a gas model, but you don’t have the headache of gas maintenance. This trimmer has a long shaft, which prevents too much bending. Also, it has an adjustable handle, allowing you to make adjustments to suit your height. The handle also comes with a soft grip, making it comfortable to hold for long jobs. Apart from the engine, you should also check the trimmer’s cutting width. A long cutting width is always preferred because it means that you’ll save on time cutting grass in one area.

What To Consider When Choosing Electric String Trimmer

First of all, it’s a breeze to use, which is not something you can say about all gas-fuelled models. The spring assist technology allows you to pull the cord easily to get it started in the first attempt. We must say that this 2-in-1 model is a fine piece of equipment, delivering superior performance for long-term use.

It further features a gear drive transmission to deliver efficient cutting power. The charger for the battery is also included in the package. The exclusive feature about the trimmer is the capability to handle different attachments. The design allows you to attach ten various accessories and turn the weed eater into a modifying element. It features a stainless steel brush blade with a measurement of 8 inches and 4-tooth and a guard for steel cutoff. Plus, their crankshaft technology means more efficient engine performance and production of low vibration.

4 cycle handheld string trimmer engines are designed more like an engine on a car. The oil goes into the crankcase and the gas goes into the fuel tank. Few names invoke quality like Poulan and this string trimmer is no exception.

Switching from Gas to Battery-Powered Lawn Care Equipment PTR – Pro Tool Reviews

Switching from Gas to Battery-Powered Lawn Care Equipment PTR.

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It can not only severely limit the distance you can move, but is also potentially dangerous as you are at risk of a shock if you inadvertently trim the lead. This ergonomic curve design ensures that the trimmer is easy to hold and use. You can also easily replace the line by gently tapping the head on the ground as you work. The dual line bump head also helps to improve the coverage, as the line is automatically fed when the head touches the grass.

We are very impressed with the overall performance of this weed eater, but we couldn’t help but notice this one issue. It does not allow much room for changing the cutting angle. While that’s not a deal-breaker, many of us prefer to have that customization to change cutting style. Despite being a gas model, it’s far more advanced than previous versions that required several attempts to start operation. Apart from that, it uses unleaded gas, thereby eliminating the need to mix fuels.

gas grass trimmer reviews

You can also find some of the strong points and drawbacks of each product in the corresponding review section. The device weighs fourteen pounds, and it is slightly heavier than most of the similar trimmers. However, it should not bother you because you will use the equipment a few times a month only. If the weight is a crucial factor for you, check out other models mentioned in this article, such as the Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer.