* Unlimited means basically up to any reasonable individual could desire – we do have spam filter to cease mailing that is bulk!; -)

* Unlimited means basically up to any reasonable individual could desire – we do have spam filter to cease mailing that is bulk!; -)

Our company is hardworking individuals and several people update we are trying to do because they appreciate what. Loveandfriends is just a bit such as your regional pub that is independent. If it are not for the dedicated help of our people we mightn’t occur plus the market will be paid down to the greater amount of mass-market online dating sites run by big companies.

Several of our users in top jobs have a fiendish pleasure in making use of the website to your maximum while not paying for account; -) as the joy to getting one thing for there’s nothing to not ever be underestimated, having to pay people like to spend to cut out of the hassle to get better solution. Having to pay people additionally have a tendency to have more dates.

Exactly how much does complete account expense?

1 thirty days – Ј19.95 three months Ј39.95 six months Ј59.95

Most people go with the a few months option.

We view our rivals and these prices are pretty competitive.

You want to be totally at the start: These subscriptions are auto-rebilling ‘subscription’ subscriptions. This implies we keep billing/charging your card till you cancel. Here is the identical to all online dating sites that we understand of.

Cancelling rebilling is easy peasy. You simply need certainly to press a switch on our ‘Pay’ web web page. This can be done 1 moment after spending if you want. Cancelling rebilling will not delete your profile – you are able to nevertheless make use of the web web web site until your ‘Paid for’ time can be used up.

Car rebilling is typical training with the internet internet dating mannation gay sites and helps us minimise admin and marketing (for example. Delivering e-mails like ‘Your account is mostly about to expire’ every day.

Any plans to dispose of free account?

No. We envisage there constantly being some type of free account. Nevertheless, we possibly may well fine-tune that which you have as a member that is free.

Our members that are full us in work we love doing. So essentially just how we see it really is we work with our complete users whilst our free user are ‘guests’ on our web web web site. What this means is we are pleased to let them have any benefit over free users that outcomes in more relationship and much more endings that are happy complete people.

“Web Dating for Thinking People” – what exactly is that all about?

Yes we realize that theoretically everyone else maybe maybe not in a coma is just a ‘thinking’ individual; -)

Our company is aimed slightly more towards educated experts than many other internet web sites. We do not would you like to state ‘graduates’ (although many users are) as this has a feel that is somewhat snobby/elitist it. You may well be from the educational college of life and stay our type of a ‘thinking’ person. Our people are usually a bit more very likely to read quality documents such as the instances, Guardian, Telegraph compared to Sunday Sport. We now have a number of day-to-day Mail visitors as well as in the event that you see the Sun we don’t kick you down; -)

Why is us various is that people have actually lots of people with what we’d say are ‘Interesting’ or ‘Challenging’ jobs – percentage smart more so than many other internet dating sites we truly think. Many of these pay well, some not too. Included in these are

  • ‘High powered’ – Directors, medical practioners, solicitors, supervisors, etc.
  • ‘Creatives’ – article writers, Media, advertising, TV&Film, etc.
  • Alternatives ‘n’ Hunks – firefighting trainers, fitness instructors, life coaches, therapists, etc

Plenty of users have been in decent, ‘regular’ jobs too like instructors, nurses, computing and so forth. We likewise have pupils, the unemployed as well as the retired. In general we believe it is a mix that is good.

The Loveandfriends “Network” – what exactly is that?

Along with the primary www. Loveandfriends.com web web site as part of our ‘Loveandfriends Whitelabel Network sitself we have a number of high quality partner sites that link to us’

All web internet sites share the exact same database of people but simply have a different sort of ‘Front End’. Some situations consist of a website for Ecology minded people, one for animal enthusiasts and another for visitors of the nationwide mag. Having a ‘Network’ of internet web web sites this way allows us to attract a mix that is good of individuals. Whenever we just take the Ecology website for instance – we now have plenty of people of our primary site www. Loveandfriends.com that are into ‘Ecology’ therefore the special ‘EcoSearch’ facility regarding the Ecology themed website will search these down also people in the Ecology web web site it self.

There are some other Whitelabel dating systems that operate multiple sites – the Loveandfriends system has two USPs:

  • No Adult/Casual sites/content/affiliation.
  • Aimed more at ‘Thinking individuals’ / graduates

In the event that you will be thinking about getting your very own partner website for zero setup expense then please proceed with the website link at the end each and every web page and e mail us.

How will you compare with other web web sites?

We have been perhaps not the biggest dating internet site in the UK, nor do we desire to be. But, the more expensive web web web sites have a tendency to just take a more mass market approach while having more ‘vanilla’ taste because they want to impress to any or all.

There are smaller British sites that focus on a lot more specific ‘niches’ than loveandfriends. These are apt to have considerably less people than we now have. They may concentrate on folks who are affluent, upmarket, clever, gorgeous, ethical, etc. Or whom think they are part of certainly one of these groups; -)

We just like the notion of loveandfriends being a wider church than that. A location where an actress could meet a banker, a trained teacher a train motorist or an au set a millionaire. Checkout our pages – we now have bucket plenty of brainpower and much more gorgeous individuals than it is possible to shake a stick at but additionally plenty of regular folk also.