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Website content calculates as main files

Organizations need to maintain thoroughrepositories of all sequential website web content. Pagefreezer’s automated website archiving solution makes it easy.

Automated Website Archiving

Pagefreezer’s website archiving company makes use of crawling modern technology, comparable to that of Google, to take photos of your website. Archiving is an automated method that spares you opportunity and demands no software setup.

Withcompelling monitoring, brand new websites as well as modifications to existing web pages are actually always recorded, so your site falls to date.

Unlike a lot of various other internet archiving tools, Pagefreezer’s website archive tool can capture client-side created pages by Javascript/Ajax structures, including Ajax-loaded information. Our service is actually also efficient in picking up a number of action in web type streams, as well as can easily catchwebpage information that is featured after an individual activity (if a section on a page loads additional content using Ajax after a customer clicks).

Live Website Browsing

WithPagefreezer, you may view specifically what your website resembled on a certain day. Log into your Pagefreezer dashpanel to check out a listing of all archived web sites and also select a particular archive to open the website as if it is still stay.

View adjustments in between various variations of a single website. You have the capacity to choose pair of dates and watchthe textual changes between the two. Removals are actually highlighted in reddishand additions are actually highlighted in environment-friendly. This makes it quick and easy to find precisely what altered on your site coming from one model to yet another.

Advanced website archive Search

Looking for a specific phrase or sentence in your website archive? Pagefreezer’s archiving company permits you to utilize powerful hunt features to find certain material around all archived internet sites and pages. Enter into words or even phrase in the searchpub and view all sequential web page versions containing it.

You may also tighten your hunt throughfiltering system for particular archived websites, dates, and muchmore. Even when you have 1000s of archived webpages, you may simply narrow your searchas well as recognize those web page you require to check out.

Defensible Legal Evidence

website archive wear for compliance audits and also litigation unless evidence of stability and credibility could be provided. Pagefreezer’s internet squeeze program provides trusted, non-refutable proof, total withmetadata. Records are actually timestamped witha SHA-256 digital trademark and also may be exported in PDF as well as the indigenous format.

Your records is yours and also remains yours. When handling a lawful insurance claim or analysis that demands a physical duplicate of your files, or even when you need to have a nearby duplicate for any other main reason, receive a record export of all your archived files along withtotal as well as correct data and also submit structures as they existed on a details day.